The Precision Roofing Solutions, Inc. staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to accurately estimate, source, and install a variety of different roof types and products.  We will do everything we can to meet all of your shingle, metal, and low-slope or built-up roofing needs.

For new roof construction projects, Precision Roofing Solutions will provide all of the necessary steps to install your roof system:

♦ Correct Interpretation of Construction Plans
   ◊     Electronic or Hard-Copy

♦ Accurate Take-Offs for Material Quantities with Minimal Waste

♦ Cost-Saving Materials Sourcing
    ◊     Only Top-Quality Materials are Used, Including:

           •  TAMKO                                       •  MBCI

           •  GAF                                             •  Johns Manville

           •  Mule-Hide Roofing Products       •  Hydro-Stop Coating Systems
   ◊     Materials Quotes Requested from At Least Three Reputable Vendors
   ◊     Best Price at the time of Your Project is Selected
   ◊     Savings Passed on to You

♦ Fair and Up-Front Pricing
   ◊     Fair Wages Paid to Installers
   ◊     No Exorbitant Fees or Profits at Your Expense
   ◊     No Surprises

♦ Professional Installation
   ◊     Begin Construction as Promptly as Possible
   ◊     High Quality Workmanship
   ◊     Your Site is Left Clean upon Roof Completion
   ◊     Properly Insured Full-time and Labor Employees

♦ Execution of All Necessary Permits

♦ Material and Labor Warranties Available

♦ Schedule and Follow Up on Necessary Inspections

If you have decided that the best course of action is to replace your roof in order to protect your building investment, Precision Roofing Solutions, Inc. is up to that task as well. Our services for roof replacement include all of those listed above, as applicable, and also include the following:

♦ Leak Coverage between Time of Contract and Roof Replacement
   ◊     Leaks to be Slowed / Stopped until Weather & Schedule Allow Replacement

♦ Complete Tear-Off of Existing Roof Materials
   ◊     Proper Disposal at an Approved Facility
            Federally Certified as an “Asbestos Competent Roofing Supervisor”
   ◊     All Hauling and Dump Fees Included in Price

New Roof & Replacement Services

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